In 1934, Vernon Presley borrowed $180 for materials to build a small frame house in East Tupelo. It was in this little house on January 8, 1935, that the King of Rock ‘n Roll was born.

Financially, times were hard on Vernon and Gladys. The family lived in the house about three years until the home was repossessed when Vernon could not repay the $180 loan.

The Presley family lived in other locations in Tupelo until Elvis was thirteen years old when they moved to Memphis. Vernon and Gladys worked various jobs while in Tupelo and moved several different times during the thirteen years they resided in Mississippi.

While in Tupelo, Elvis attended the Assembly of God Church with his family where he was first exposed to gospel music that influenced his musical style throughout his career.

It was in Tupelo that Elvis was exposed to bluesmen in the Shake Rag community where he lived for a time. His family also listened to country music radio programs from which Elvis drew influence.